3d sans fight "no hit" (and gaster) (Undertale fan game) "better quality"

Decided to get rid of the cringey wingdings writing on here, gonna keep the edit below tho since its a pretty old edit.

edit: the video just hit 200000 cool, anyways i have totaled up the percent of comments on the video here they are
63% of people saying i got hit on sans
17% of people telling people to stfu and look at the description
20% are just normal comments
im not gonna even bother looking at the comments after this ill probably still edit this description if this video gets more views and things. anyways see ya guys later (WE ALSO REACHED 4000 SUBS TO :3)

heres the game

Join the Yet Another Bad time Simulator discord, heres the link

link doesnt work anymore, dont know what happend to it


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  1. Genocide mode is one of the most disturbing and heartless experiences gaming can provide. Why people keep going back to it, spending time doing it and modding it is beyond me.

  2. Очень хорошо выглядит игра!

    Кстати, я слепил фигурку Андайн

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