Dad game review round-up

Games are for dads. Thanks to video games, dads can play golf, build birdhouses, mow the lawn, and go fishing… all without leaving the home office. But what do games like Powerwash Simulator, Train Sim World 2, and The Golf Club have to offer the childless urban-dwelling millennial? Pat Gill reviews a selection of powerful dad games to glean life lessons and fatherly insight into the world of dads … and his own psyche.

0:00 About dad games
0:47 Train Sim World 2
3:03 Lawn Mowing Simulator
5:27 Powerwash Simulator
6:45 Bassmaster Fishing 2022
8:50 The Golf Club
11:20 What did we learn?

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46 bình luận cho “Dad game review round-up

  1. How about the genre of " WW2 dogfighting simulator for which my father has purchased a cornucopia of specialized controllers, each more intricate than the last"?

  2. "I have an avatar who looks like me" Proceeds to show a dad-ified version of a weird mashup of celebrities who all vaguely resemble Ryan Reynolds

  3. As a very recently former childless Millennial, it terrifies and validates me how spot-on a lot of the small insecurities you have identified (worry about climate change/water/ecological disaster) are feelings and insights I have had to deal with while transitioning to Fatherhood.

    Also I know I'm dad-ing up when you pull up a Golf sim and I think "OH THAT LOOKS LIKE A GAME I WANT" because time for real hobbies has slipped away.

  4. Every patrick video has the strangest premise that conceals within it a surprisingly deep critique of different kinds of masculinity…

  5. My dad used to play a game where you would shoot chickens on the wii, it even had a whole rifle accessory for the wiimote.

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