Elden Ring Review – Elden Ring PS5 Gameplay

The time has finally come, Tarnished. This is a spoiler-free #EldenRing video review, but what you consider a spoiler is ultimately up to you. So at most there might be one or two early game areas or enemies you haven’t seen before, but if you’re wanting to go into the game totally fresh, it’s safer to just come back and watch this later. With that out of the way, here’s our Elden Ring review after many hours and 60 levels put into progression, and brand new early game gameplay. #eurogamer

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22 bình luận cho “Elden Ring Review – Elden Ring PS5 Gameplay

  1. Egads it really does looks fantastic… I adore these games but have only ever made truly substantial progress in Dark Souls 3, along with a pretty good stab (pun intended) at Bloodborne. Much of my time in awe at these has been with Eurogamer and Oxtra. My challenge has been keeping the momentum up – I got to Irithyll in DS3 after absolutely hacking my way through everything up to there, then all the fear and trepidation came back and I haven't played since, and I hate it when that happens.

    I am going to get this, without a doubt – I've just gotta take it steady and be ready to push through that wall when I get there!

    If Aoife says this game is essential, then I need no further validation of that fact (I read your written review of this first, admit I did a big grin when I saw the Dark Souls queen had done the written one too)

  2. Beautiful review as always, Aoife. My copy is only arriving next week so I'll be avoiding other videos but I'm glad to hear my patience will be justified. I'm going to take time off work and just devour this game once I finally get my hands on it!

  3. So, about multiplayer, I haven't heard about them fixing that little hack problem yet, so that's a no-go for me.

  4. Overhyped game..this game copy of previous dark soul series game..but opened world..mechsnics are same even sounds and affects are same..so boring..why would i play same game but open world ? Stupid

  5. Currently playing Horizon Forbidden West but will have to get ready for Elden Ring not that often does a game that is a redefining masterpiece come along.

  6. Cannot wait for this Thursday at 5pm
    Also, I'm really bad with accents. I don't know what yours is, but I friggin' love it. 😀

  7. I keep trying to get excited for this game due to story and open world, but…not sure I can stomach another DS clone. I feel like I've already played this game lol.

  8. Can't wait to play this, gonna go through this with a fine tooth comb so by the time I reach final boss ill hopefully 1 shot their ass! Side note I think mounted combat is intended to be used in the same way they do jousting, get a few feet away from your foe and go at them head on I think ill try that instead for better results instead of running in circles hitting thin air.

  9. guys, I need some help, this is my first soul game. I want to have the best experience, should i get this game on ps5 or pc. I have a 3080ti should run this game pretty smooth right? I just want to best frame rate and resolution.

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