Elden Ring Review No Spoilers: 100+ Hours of Gameplay on PC & PS5! You can't even imagine!!!

Elden Ring Review No Spoilers, we’ll be going through our gameplay impressions from our extensive time with Elden Ring, which now surpasses 120 hours with the full version of the game. If you are wondering if Elden Ring lives up to the hype, or whether you should consider this title if you’re not a souls players, this review is for you. This is a spoiler-free review: we don’t talk about the story or plot, don’t mention any specific locations bar map size and availability, and only reveal tidbits of weapons and magic.

0:00 – Elden Ring Spoiler Free Review
0:31 – Story & Setting
2:30 – Gameplay
8:20 – Design, Audiovisual, and Performance
11:46 – Scale, Replayability, and Multiplayer
14:17 – Elden Ring Pricepoint: Is it Worth It?
15:03 – Final Thoughts: Will you Like It? What if you don’t like Souls?
16:06 – Review Summary and Score

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Many people have been misled by previews to think that this is “big” dark souls or dark souls 4 with a jump button and a horse. A lot of people don’t like the difficulty, invasions or difficult combat of the souls series. To all of these people I say: please try it anyway.

Since 2011, Skyrim has been re-released 10 times. That’s something like once per year, always with successful sales, and we all know it was an iconic game and want to relive it now and then. Also since 2011, the gaming world has clamored for “Skyrim Online” and “Skyrim with Good Combat” – both of which were somewhat delivered in broken pieces by user-made mods and some other open world games.

Elden Ring is the Skyrim of the 2020’s, and it’s also Skyrim Online and Skyrim with Good Combat. It’s also Skyrim without a million bugs, and with many innovative exploration features thanks to the verticality of the levels, agility of your mount, and overall ingenious placing of waygates.

Elden Ring is a game that will redefine both open world and souls games, much like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls redefined Action RPG into a new “Soulslike” category.

It’s February, God of War is in the horizon and Starfield is releasing in November, but I am still incredibly confident that Elden Ring is the Game of the Year, and possible Game of the Decade, if it doesn’t get outdone by an Elden Ring 2.

Summary: Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s Magnum Opus, and it’s hard to imagine them making a better game. The only negatives are performance related, which can by and large be overlooked. Elden Ring delivers on a scale that few games ever have, and likely ever will again. A day one buy for RPG and open world fans. Don’t miss out on this once in a decade experience!

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  2. I would get the game, but the quest for a ps5 is a long and treacherous one. Meanwhile I'll just have to live under a rock to try and avoid too many spoilers

  3. Continuously calls Elder Ring a 'Souls' game all vid.

    Summing up at the end of the vid: 'Many people have been misled into believing this is Dark Souls 4'.

  4. Someone tell me why this is different than any other souls game? Is it still the usual trial and error type gameplay?

  5. Thank you for the excellent review. I am not a Souls player but this review has convinced me to give this title a go.

  6. No this, too ugly, we love God of War, Ghost of Tsushima DC, Days Gone, playing now Horizon Forbidden West than GT7. We are in gaming since Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast expansion 1997. but this horror style is not healthy for family people bad taste, waiting for KOTOR, Starfield, Fable, new Elder Scrolls, Indiana Jones, new Dragon Age and Mass Effect like games. I already pre-ordered this Elden Ring so maybe I try but as graphic designer can say that I'm not impressed for 2022. with it

  7. Love this idea that enemies are a bit easier to kill, with more of a focus on discovery. It's the best part about these games for me. Exciting! Great review.

  8. “Game of the decade.” 9.5 Lul it’s ok don’t be shy. Give it a 10. You know you want to deep down.

  9. I bet the game is really good, but I don’t think it’s gonna be GoTY since Horizon is already ouy and we all know Horizon is superior in every aspect.

  10. I feel like you guys shit on Horizon Forbidden West just to hype this game more. I always loved this channel but not cool guys 🧐

  11. Well there’s definitely one thing this review is not, unbiased. The success of the game is directly linked to your own monetary gains. So naw, definitely not going to watch. Also all your wiki pages are fing horrible. So many damn ads it’s actually disgusting.

  12. Interesting, but I'm still on the fence, mainly because I still can't finish DS3, I'm in the last quarter of the game and just don't have the strength 🙂 my DS meter is probably overfilled and this just looks and feels like more DS.

  13. I just want to say ever since nioh 2 I have been watching your guides and you truly are the best I appreciate you and your time thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me . Be safe

  14. What do you think of Cowboy's comment over the questline, that it doesn't quite work in the open world context?

  15. The only game in the 20 20s to released with out a free to play model with half the game content being locked behind a pay wall.

  16. I would love to play it. But I only have old Xbox one and it'd struggle to load it up much less run the game in full

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