Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Reviewed by Cam Shea on PlayStation 5. Also available on PC.

“I enjoyed my 20 or so hours with Ghostwire: Tokyo largely because I found its world so immersive. The attention to detail in the city itself is hugely impressive, whether it’s looking to recreate the surroundings of the best-known crossing in the world or bringing life to a dank back alley. This is an environment I loved being in, and all the more so because of the many touchstones to iconic elements of Japanese culture and mythology. If the moment-to-moment gameplay – in particular its one-dimensional combat and uninteresting mission design – weren’t such a disappointment, Ghostwire: Tokyo could have truly captivated me. As it stands, the merely adequate stealth and action do nothing to add to the fantastical setting, but they don’t diminish its brilliance, either.”


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  1. Ah, IGN, complaining about the 'boring' combat… from a style they chose to play themselves over other options, and didn't bother to change when they found it starting to get boring, instead blaming the game.

  2. I've watched hours of footage and still don't see what the point of the gameplay is, and that's a problem

  3. This just doesn't look fun… Pretty but boring at the same time, seems like the theme for current gen games…

  4. IGN has very low standards, don't forget, in IGN's books… BF2042 is a 7/10 too.. and you all know how that game turned out. IGN should be boycotted.

  5. Already pre ordered just for the steel book. Just gonna return the game and keep the steel book and wait for it to be on sale since I'm not in a rush to play it.

  6. My first impression on this game is, great graphics, repetetive combat, uninteresting story and side quests.

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