I Downloaded A Game Off The Dark Web…

Sometimes you find some weird things on the TOR relay, The Dark web or the Deep Web and in this case it’s all one game. A little independent game project that’s nothing special in of itself asides from potentially being part of a larger breadcrumb trail. I also found Sonic The Hedgehog fan-games because why not! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Use code "SOG" to save some money at www.gfuel.com and I'll download more malware off the Internet and play it for you.

  2. NOT EVEN GONNA LIE that Sonic Game actually looks good and the music is good too. Wish I can play it without the deep web

  3. That Sonic game is quiet good. Sega doesn't care about them. They take those ideas and production values and find someone to make an official game as better as that. That being Sonic Mania. I've personally made fan made Sonic content and it blew up and there's Sega looking on and rushing off to make something like Sonic Colors. Sega don't give a crap!

  4. Muta went from playing a rubbish unfinished Creepy Pasta game to a Sonic fan game from the 2018 competition. 🤣

  5. Now I wouldn't be surprised to see a Hub for nintendo fan games on the deep web cos we all know how fairly wink wink nintendo treats their fans

  6. I guess the deep web is a place for fangame devs who don't want their game taken down too

  7. The opening of the Sonic game was from Ristar, it wasn't anything they made. Ristar was great though

  8. I find it funny how he called "Sonic and Tails", a Sonic Fangame a quote "Deep Web Game" and said that it was stealing audio from the offical Sonic games despite other Fangames doing the same thing, it's just ridiculous.

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