Ready player web: Building modern web games (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

What are the ingredients of a modern web game? In this lightning talk I’ll highlight some of the technologies that can be leveraged in building games for the Web and how game design can be leveraged to drive virality of your games.

Presented by: Tom Greenaway

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  1. if you change how the web browser works can you optimize it to help the games or is it stuck how it is no matter how you change the browser to be claer i am talking about making a new browser and making a game for the web but not optimized for all webs

  2. Biggest hurdle to me is animating it all. Browser tech is just not evolved enough for animations. A simple animation can easily take hundreds of lines of code. Scaling it up is a ton of work. We need a practical solution to solve this animation hell.

  3. The biggest weakness of the web is the resources size. The fact that we still don't have portable bytecode formats for anything from js to svg is just kills anything larger than Super Mario clone. I guess not a lot of you remember, but there was a format called SWF, that could compress code/vector/raster graphics to compiled bytecode which resulted in a footprint any WebP/M could just dream about and that not even mentioning animation of all of those assets for free, morphing, instancing and a lot of other outstanding tools that will just die in the beginning of next year when Adobe will kill support for flash player. Let's all say thanks to Apple for spreading the hate of uncontrollable technology and stupidity of Adobe that wasn't able to protect and support it's product. Someone might say that we might get something similar with WebAssembly someday in the future, but Carl, we already had that like 15 years ago and just reinventing the damn wheel over and over again. The only question is: for what?

  4. Good video. I wish I knew it was a high-level overview of the affordances of the web for games when clicking, though. A title like "leveraging the web in modern web games" would be more satisfyingly match its content.

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