SECRETS OF THE DARK WEB | Welcome to the Game 2 – Part 2

We’ve got a better grasp on the mechanics of Welcome to the Game 2 so let’s dive back into the deep web!
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35 bình luận cho “SECRETS OF THE DARK WEB | Welcome to the Game 2 – Part 2

  1. Southern surfboard is in the urban dictionary now…. kinda funny how this video and that entry have the same publish date heh

  2. You are Clint Edwards. an investigative reporter for one of the leading online News sites. You are investigating the mysterious disappearances and murders related to the deep web. You are deep in your case and about to make a breakthrough. but then you get a call from someone least expected…

  3. Lucas does not spawn unless you accessed the deep web. So, your starting strategy should be to get as much VPNs as you can as fast as possible, then as you have 5 VPNs you will be able to buy the other stuff much safer. Then with the motion sensors, sound notification, saved WiFi passwords, police scanner and different tools you’ll have a much stronger position to complete the game.
    The breather will spawn though.

  4. You cant actually be arrested for going onto the "deepweb" as its not illegal, its only illegal to do illegal things onthere

  5. I know mark won't see this but people use things like Duck Duck Go, for browsing the deep web. on Tor browser , and a vpn as well.

  6. 2:19:53 you can hear Lucas close by, Mark even reacts to it then proceeds to speak into the mic before exiting the bathroom lol

  7. Imagine living in this apartment building hearing this random guy up on 8th yelling "im going to die" over and over while holding a device that looks like a bomb-

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