The Easiest Javascript Game Ever

In this video I show you how I created the most basic, simple javascript game that you can make yourself. It’s similar to the google dinosaur game that you play when there’s no internet.

If you’re trying to code this and get stuck watch this video before you give up:


Follow me below and reach out if you need any help!

I create javascript games in their simplest form using only html divs and css animations. They can still be quite fun, and beginner javascript developers can follow along and hopefully learn!


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  1. I followed u thru the HTML/CSS bit completely lost at JS 😂 don’t worry tho I’ll get there. Looks fun to try!

  2. I am on a quest to find how I can make an array that contains multiple blocks so I can send sets of 2 or 3 blocks

    This is all I wanna do to it:

    – Change the image of the blocks using background-image:url("…ruta de la imagen ");
    – make a double jump by double clicking
    – make a better trigger for you lose
    – make more randomized blocks coming in the way of the character block.

    havent had any luck, I still dont understand JS that much lol

  3. My son loves when the internet goes out….. you can’t trick him even when there’s connection or no connection he’s got a game 🤣🤣🤣

  4. i have a quastion i wana make a button that after clicking on that btton game starts

    can someone please help me ?

  5. very easy to follow. I like how you just got us through it instead of trying to explain every concept. I think for someone starting out, that's helpful to build up some confidence and stop from getting overwhelmed.

  6. Hello KnifeCircus, what should I do about the error "Missing 'use strict' statement" at if(character.classList !="animate"){

  7. I am just learning to code and something strage was happening with my Style file. When setting the top position for the obstacles, they seem to be based on the top of the character for some reason. Would it be possible to send you my code and you can have a look? I fixed the issue but it's strange.

  8. Seen people confused to why the jump function isn't working and not showing error on the console. Check the animation class in style. Css matches the character called in the script. Js function jump

  9. I really really need your help on this. I even copy pasted your links and the everything seems fine but just character won't jump when I click ….

  10. So, I pretty much followed along in Notepad and made three seperate files (.html, .css, .js). Is there a way to make them all work together now to make the game come to life?

  11. can we do this in visual studio code instead of brackets?
    if not I can install brackets.
    I was just asking because I am a windows user

  12. I don't know if you still respond to comments on old videos but what do I do if I want to insert my own image as a character instead of using a block?

  13. My js file is not working someone plz help the click attribute is not working ,both the character and block is continuosly jumping

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