Why This Game Is THE PERFECT SEQUEL! | Horizon Forbidden West – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)

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00:00 – Intro
02:05 – The Perfect Sequel
05:13 – The Open World
08:33 – Main Missions (NO Spoilers, don’t worry)
09:25 – The Story (Still NO Spoilers, don’t worry)
11:28 – Combat & General Gameplay
13:30 – The Small Details
15:18 – The Best Looking Game EVER?
18:18 – I’m obsessed with this game (Conclusion)
21:12 – Outro

My Original Review of Horizon Zero Dawn

The Unexpected Success of Horizon Zero Dawn | Retrospective

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27 bình luận cho “Why This Game Is THE PERFECT SEQUEL! | Horizon Forbidden West – Mini Review (Spoiler Free)

  1. This game is incredible, probably 15 total hours in and I have not 1/4 of the map. Writing, characters and visuals area amazing

  2. I mean let's keep it a buck, how many sequels find a canonical reason to carry over side quest content from the first game with the shield weaver, don't even get me started on the FW foreshadowing and how the data points actually give context to what you could expect from the series going forward. Prime example is how Far Zenith plays a major role in FW but was only touched on in data points in ZD. Better put some respect on Guerillas name 👌🏾💯

  3. lol, just commented on your HZD clip…….and was wondering what you think about part two…..my verdict…bigger, better and visual a master piece….I have PC…uahhhh.;-(

  4. HZD is my favourite game, but Forbidden West might just steal that spot. Both create a world to get lost in, that makes me explore every last inch of it. Or sometimes just sit on a hill and take in the scenery. And just about everything else you said in the video. Especially the writing and three characters are so damn good.

    I have only a few very minor complaints:
    – Higher tier weapons apparently use advanced versions of the ammo on the lower gear. But that better ammo needs rarer resources. Haven't progressed so far to judge house much of a problem that actually is, but I can easily see me being annoyed by that. I'm already having a hard time with all this micromanagement and keeping track of my inventory, so I'm not really looking forward to that. The same goes for the skills. I just get overwhelmed with the melee combos and different abilities for each weapon and all that. It seems a bit much.
    – Can't whistle anymore when in stealth, always have to keep a few rocks to lure enemies.
    – No indicator if you're visible to enemies anymore.

    All that is far from being a deal breaker obviously, but still had to get it off my chest.
    Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  5. People be like: ITS MY FAVOURITE GAME…
    2 months later, omg that’s one of my Favourite games.
    I call these rushed Early reviews

  6. You do hear how some people don't enjoy this game, but I feel like this game was made with me in mind because I'm absolutely in loving it.

  7. i played HZD and loved the story. I needed the sequel for years now. Now that its here, i have put 40 hrs into the game. Still not finished. Found out the game has been review bombed…which…ugh. Trolls. Giving a 0 because its "buggy". I havent seen a single bug, and as i said, i have damn near 40 hrs in.

  8. I finished the game, yesterday and it could be my game of the year. And i can't wait to play it again on ps5, i played on ps4 and had a lot of texture issues and pop in, but it didn't take away from my fun, but it was bad at some points.

  9. This is what Ubisoft used to be known for. Crying shame that they've lost the ability or drive to create a good narrative.

    Edit: I'm also about 20 hours in, I'm loving everything about it so far. It's consistent, that's why I love it so much.

  10. Just finished main story. 50% still to go 🙂 Best game! Ever! Story, visual, length, adventure, swimming, flying… etc, etc… and again… visual! Amazing.

  11. Game is beautiful but sometimes u feel it's too much dragged at times. In old days games had limited dialogue but now playing games is like u playing interactive webseries. I will rate game 9 out of 10. I wish game developer go back to giving importance to gameplay over other stuff.

  12. Freaking love this game. It’s hard to stop playing it. Combat is thoroughly entertaining. Questing and activities are engaging. Music is fitting and immersive. Not to mention the world, art design, and facial animations are unbelievably gorgeous. Like, I frequently stop and just stare at what I’m seeing with a fat smile on my face.

  13. Its really good to sense genuine happiness in your voice talking about a game after a really long while. The way your eyes light up and the ever-present smile while your explaining things is nothing short of infectious. Missed this part of you. Thank you Guerilla Games for making such a beautiful franchise and making this man happy again and seeing this fills my heart with joy. Great video. Loved it.

  14. I managed to take a few days off work so I could soak in the atmosphere of forbidden west, I have not been disappointed, one thing I would note that has improved is the 60fps option jus makes combat so much more enjoyable.

  15. You should do a video solely about the story, since a lot of people were unhappy with it, i for one, wasn’t

  16. I'm about 21 hours in, and I am absolutely in love with this game! The dynamics with new and returning characters, the new machines, the tweaks to old machines like adding new elements, the beautiful world, all the little things Aloy says to herself while you explore (there was one that was suspiciously similar to "Wind's howling "), it's all just so amazing

  17. Horizon Forbidden West is what Ubisoft thought they were doing when they moved to RPG. It's this type of game done perfectly. I haven't been this immersed in an open world since HZD. Even if there are moments of frustration in the game (and there are few, mostly combat-related), I go wander the world, find some ruin, find old recordings, just taking in the beauty of this world – and I just can't be mad at this game. This is obviously a work of love, just as HZD was.

  18. I feel like I played a different game than everyone else. everyone is so enthusiastic but i am disappointed. I can agree with you on everything that is not the story or the character movements in conversations, but the story is the sticking point. I'll start with the movements. in conversations, they always look somewhere else than at their conversation partners and the faces are mostly made as if nobody is at home. in addition, aloy is totally bitchy and unfriendly compared to HZD.

    Then the story, caution could contain spoilers. Everything is fine up to the point where you find GAIA, but from then on it gets weird. First of all the enemies none of them seems really threatening in the course of the game not like in HZD where the eclypse and HARDES are built up more and more. then the threat of the collapse of the biosphere you can see the plague here and there but it doesn't seem so threatening then the super storms you don't notice at all that people are threatened and suddenly it means yes it's over now, because you did this and that. i just sat there and thought yeah i found the end without seeing the beginning, why aren't these threats a fixed part of the story and are exaggerated until you really find the solution, why are the enemies seen more as minor warlords than real ones villains. it just feels like a big part is missing and like rushing through the story. I'm sorry but I'm not as enthusiastic about this game as I had hoped and as you probably are. what a shame.

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